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Emergency Service
The hospital provides 24 hrs service for all kinds of emergent and serious disease and/or sickness, and acts as medical consultant, backup force, and base hospital to the emergent medical rescue network in the Tainan area.


Outpatient Service
Outpatient services are open all year round. Night outpatient services have also been set up. In addition, connected consultation rooms and pharmacy via computer network improves the efficiency and quality of medical prescriptions.


Inpatient Service
In order to offer a patient the best nursing service, we arrange a nurse with specific duties and set the nursing plan for each individual patient. In addition, we run various activities on medical health education. On taking care of cancer patients, we offer complete examinations and treatment ,and instructed the hospice team which includes doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains and pastors to give consideration on patient's physical-mental-social needs, to offer service and attention to the whole person, the whole procedure, the whole family and team.

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