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The hospital not only has a general ward and intensive care unit but also has hospice center for patients with terminal cancer, and for the patent’s family to have physical, mental, and spiritual care. The child development center provides initial stage of remedy and breeding for children with development retardation. Psychiatry (Day Care Center) for adults offers positive therapeutic models to help patient to readjust to the community. The Respiratory Care ward offers more comfortable environment for the chronic patient relying on respirators.

Operating Room
The hospital has the most precise, bacteria-free unit and optimal equipments. 24hr patient self-controlled pain-relieving treatment service is offered to lighten pain and obtain comfort after operations with the treatment ensured safe.

Physiological Examination
The physiological examination rooms own the most advanced , high quality equipments such as the MRI, full body computed axial tomography scanner (CT), bone densitometry (DEXA), infertility examination equipment (Passed the DOH's evaluation), and live 3D color ultrasonic system, etc.
The Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) was established. After filming, the doctor can diagnose the film on the networked computer’s monitor to save patient's time on waiting

Clinical Examination
The Hospital possesses auto-examine equipments such as blood gas analyzer, biochemistry analyzer, differential cell counter, serum immunoassay analyzer, urine analyzer, and blood culture analyzer etc.

Pathological Examination
The equipments include microtome, vacuum infiltration processor, auto ultra-stainer, and various microscopes to offer accurate diagnosis during the early stage of diseases.

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