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1984~1987 Dr.Jen-Tsun Huang(黃仁村)was elected as the 1st Chairman of the board.
1987~1990 Dr.Jen-Tsun Huang(黃仁村)was elected as the 2nd Chairman of the board.
1990~1993 Mr. Chhu-Hsiung Tai(戴初雄)was elected as the 3rd Chairman of the board.
1993~1996 Dr.Jen-Tsun Huang(黃仁村)was elected as the 4th Chairman of the board.
1996~1999 Dr. Ming-Hsiung Chuang(莊明雄)was elected as the 5th Chairman of the board.
1999~2008 Dr. Chun-Yi Li(李純一)was elected as the 6th Chairman of the board.
2008~2010 Rev. Tsung-Lin Tung(冬聰凜)was elected as the 7th Chairman of the board.
2010~2014 Rev. Hsin-Tien Chou(周信典)was elected as the 7th and 8th Chairman of the board.
2014~2017 Rev. Hsin-Len Song(宋信樂)was elected as the 9th Chairman of the board.
2017~2020 Rev. Te-Ching Chang(張德慶)was elected as the 10th Chairman of the board
2020~Present Rev. Ching-Chang Pan(潘慶彰)was elected as the 11th Chairman of the board.
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