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1865 Dr.James L. Maxwell (馬雅各) first superintendent.
1871 Dr.Matthew Dickson(德馬太) 2nd superintendent.
1879 Dr.Peter Anderson(安彼得) 3rd superintendent.
1901 Dr.James L. Maxwell Jr.(馬雅各二世) 4th superintendent.
1911 Dr.G. Gushue-Taylor(戴仁壽) 5th superintendent.
1919 Dr.James L. Maxwell Jr. (馬雅各二世) 6th superintendent.
1923 Dr.Percival Cheal(周惠憐) 7th superintendent.
1931 Dr.J. L. Little(李約翰) 8th superintendent.
1936 Dr.Yun Lung Yang(楊雲龍) 9th superintendent.
1942 Dr.Chen Sheng Yen(顏振聲) 10th Superintendent.
1944 Mr.Bansho Tetsuo(番匠鐵雄) 11th Superintendent.
1950 Dr.Wen Tzu Shih(施文子) 12th Superintendent.
1956 Dr.Yu Lin Lin (林玉麟) 13th Superintendent.
1961 Rev.Jui Jen Liu(劉瑞仁) 14th Superintendent.
1975 Rev. Ko Hsien Yu(余克賢) 15th Superintendent.
1985 Dr.Ling Cheng Zheng(鄭良誠) 1st Superintendent / after rebuild.
1998 Dr. Chung Sheng Hsu(許重勝), Acting Superintendent.
1999 Dr. Ming Hsiung Chuang(莊明雄) 2nd Superintendent.
2008 Dr. Tzuu Yuan Huang(黃祖源) 3rd Superintendent.
2016 Dr. Chiang Chin Tsai(蔡江欽) 4th Superintendent.
2020 Dr. Chi Chu Liu(劉啓擧) 5th Superintendent.
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